Gocopod - 25 pack

Our pods contain 1 tablespoon serving of Virgin (Unrefined) coconut oil. This type of Coconut oil retains its natural coconut taste and smell since no chemical treatment was used in obtaining it.  Since it comes from fresh coconuts, these types of oil contains higher antioxidants.


Our Coconut oil is imported from the Philippines. It is bought directly from the Philippine farmers and come from non-GMO coconuts (Yes, some coconuts are GMO). We are working on our Organic certification and will keep you posted once we have it.


Instead of lugging that huge bottle with you all you need to do is bring a GoCoPod with you when you travel, go to the gym or to work. GoCoPod is perfectly proportioned for:

- Oil Pulling for Oral Health

- Butter Coffee for Energy

- Moisturizing Skin (antioxidant)

- Conditioning Hair

- Improving Metabolism and Digestion